Let go of your thoughts… and do it anyway!

by Keith Jones - May 12, 2023

All too often we let our thoughts get in the way…

We let our worries, or concerns, hold us back…

We let our doubts override the possibilities of success.

We let our “what ifs” prevent us from taking action.

We replay our past mistakes and ‘failures’ over and over again and end up lacking the confidence to step forward.

We visualise things going wrong…

Over and over again!

“If it can go wrong”, we tell ourselves, “It will go wrong!”.

Does this sound like you?

Just a little bit, maybe?

So, how do we get out of this disabling mindset?

How do we get to the stage where we can take action and move forward, no mater what we’ve been through in the past and no matter what doubts creep into our minds?

The problem is, we’re hard-wired to be cautious and that sometimes results in over-thinking things.

We spend too much time in the past…

Going over past mistakes and ‘failures’.

And we spend just as much time in the future, too…

Worrying about all the potential pit-falls!

When the reality is…

We need to be spending the vast majority of our time in present.

We need to view past mistakes and ‘failures’ as lessons learned…

We need to forget about ‘what ifs’…

And simply take action…

And see where it takes us.

We need to be present right now.

Not get stuck in the past…

Or the future.

We need to be here…

Right now!

Making decisions and taking actions that will move us on…

And when we get there?

We can make more decisions…

To move us even further on.

Sound too simple to be true?


But only if you’re unable to get yourself into the present moment.

Only if you’re stuck in the past…

Or in the future.

If you want to change…

You’ll need to have some insights.

If you want some insights…

Get in touch and I’ll help you get started.

Click the link below to set up a free, no-obligation, call.

To your success!

Until next time.

Keith Jones

Keith Jones

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