How to Find Time to Develop and Grow Your Business…

by Keith Jones - January 20, 2023

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How do you treat obstacles in your life?

Something to think about?

And talking of obstacles...

One of the hardest things to do, as a Sole Trader or Small Business Owner, is to find time to develop and grow your business.

It's possibly one of the biggest obstacles to success.

Time away from clients is often seen as dead time.

When you're not working with your clients, you're not making money, so it can be hard to justify spending time and money on developing your own skills or looking to finds ways to grow your business.

This is especially the case, ironically, when times are difficult and clients are hard to come by.

The simple fact is, many Small Business Owners and Sole Traders are too busy working to develop and grow their business...

So they often end up going under or simply surviving.


How are things going with your business?

Are you spending all your time working?

Or do you have plans in place to move forward?

Try my Sole Trader and Small Business Review to see how you're doing...

It will take less than 2 minutes of your valuable time...

And you'll get immediate results tailored to your questions!

Until next time.

Keith Jones

Keith Jones

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