So proud of my girls!

I’m so proud of my two daughters. My eldest daughter Emma, has become one of her company’s leading managers and still finds time to enter into entrepreneurial ventures with her boyfriend, TJ (another Jones… must be something in the name!). And then, this morning, I see this post (see below) from my younger daughter, Rachel! Such wise words from one so young!
Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with extreme fitness regimes (you only have to look at my body to see that… then again, don’t! The world isn’t ready for my body!), Rach has followed her passion and her beliefs to reach her ultimate goal. To achieve such difficult goals requires focus and inner strength and she certainly has those two qualities in abundance!
Em, Rach… I’m so proud of both of you!
As I read through Rach’s post, it highlighted a couple of things I’m reading about at the moment… habits and goal setting. And there is perhaps nothing more habitual than eating. For most people, little thought goes into what they eat. How many of us, I wonder, really think about what we eat and how it benefits us? Or, perhaps more importantly, how it affects us detrimentally.
Aside from eating habits, many of our decisions are guided by our habits and that is what often leads to goals not being achieved. There are other reasons, too, of course. But a key question to answer, is “How do you change your habits to help you grow and achieve your goals?”
One thing i’m doing at the moment is raising my standards on a daily basis. Yes… just do this one day at a time! Set you standards, live by them, review and improve them the next day. (Read “The 10 Second Philosophy” by Derek Mills to find out more).
So, some of my standards for today are:
Be a loving and caring partner to Jo
Be a loving and caring dad to Em, Rach and Arthur
Read from The Bible
Eat healthily
Be thankful for everything and everyone in my life
Work on my own self-improvement
Be happy
Serve others
Grow my business
Be a better person today than I was yesterday (Very challenging!) 😉

So, what will your standards be for today?

Feel free to share them, if you’re feeling brave!

Until next time…

Keith Jones (A very proud dad!)

The post from Rach:
rachelTrainer Topics: Balancing your Goals & Lifestyle

Dieting can be very hard for numerous reasons but one thing that was a huge struggle for me was trying to find a good balance of enjoying my life with family and friends while also staying on track during my bikini competition prep.My prep was extremely long, I actually started my meal plan in February (planning to compete in June) and well, plans changed and my show date got bumped to October so I was prepping for approximately 8 months. For those that are not familiar with a bikini prep .. it is extremely strict! A lot of lean proteins, complex carbs and tons of water… and don’t even think about a glass of wine on the weekends.. that was not happening!Bikini prep is very extreme and while not everyone is that strict while dieting for weight loss goals I thought it would be great to give you a few tips on how I overcame these obstacles and hopefully they can help you stay on track..

1. Stand your ground and believe in your goals
Not everyone will understand what or why you are doing, and why your food or alcohol intake is restricted and that’s okay. However one thing that really helped me was remembering that my long term goals are most important and that glass of wine will still be there when its my time to enjoy it.

2.Surround yourself with people who support you and your goals
I have been the victim of being made to feel guilty at times that I can not enjoy a huge dinner or desert and that was very hard for me. I don’t think these people always mean wrong, but If people in your life can’t understand that your health and fitness goals are important to you then maybe its time you surround yourself with others that appreciate your drive and motivation!

3. Eat before you go out
If you are going somewhere that you know there will be treats or foods you shouldn’t currently be having, eat before you leave your house! If you feel full before going out the temptation will be much easier to walk away from! Drinking lots of water will also have the same effect.

4. Food is not everything!
Food and alcohol is a very social thing these days and its easy to get caught up in that. During prep it really made me take step back and start appreciating the company with friends and family much more instead of making the food and drinks that focus of whatever event you may be attending. Like I said earlier the food and drinks will always be there when its your time to enjoy them!

Don’t let your lifestyle control the outcome of your health and fitness goals. Attend that event AND stay on track!

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