Live Your Life With Purpose

June 3, 2018

Are you simply going through the motions?
Are you simply going through the motions?

How would you describe your life?

Are you simply going through the motions?

For many people, life becomes routine…

Get up in the morning…

Get ready for work…

Travel to work via the same route… on the bus… by train… or car-sharing with a friend or work-mate.

Perform your usual job… maybe sat at the same desk in the same office surrounded by the same people.

Lunch in the canteen… or maybe a walk into town to get a sandwich.

Do an afternoon’s work, whilst keeping an eye on the time… looking forward to getting back home.

Evening routines are pretty much the same, too!

Eat some dinner with your partner and kids… if they’re not already in bed.

Watch some TV.

Go to bed.


Maybe you earn good money.

Maybe you feel secure.

Or maybe you feel you have no real alternative.

But… are you happy living life this way?

Do you feel fulfilled?

Do you feel energised?

Do you have real purpose?

Well… the choice is yours…

Carry on doing the same thing for the next (enter number of years until your retire here…) years…

Or choose to create a life that has real purpose…

Real joy…

Maybe even excitement! (Do you remember what that is?)

It’s time to make that choice.

Until next time…

Keith Jones





Keith Jones
Living a Life of Purpose