It’s OK to be Different…

July 16, 2019

Stand out from the crowd

Actually, I'd go one step further than that...

It's GOOD to be different!

Having said that...

Don't aim to be different.

Aim to be yourself.

Because, by being yourself you'll end up being different!

Let's face it...

We're all created as unique beings.

We all have different looks...

Different skills...

Different personalities.

We're unique.

Different genes...

Different fingerprints...

And different abilities.

So, why do we spend so much time trying to conform...

Trying to be the same as everyone else?

The answer's simple.


It can be scary to be different.

It's much easier to blend in and not be noticed.

It's safer that way.

But that's not why you're here.

That won't keep you fulfilled.

That's not your purpose.

Your purpose is to make a difference.

Your purpose is to leave this planet in a better state than when you arrived.

The problem is...

Although we start off as curious individuals who love to experiment...

Our individuality gets sucked out of us by an education system that's more intent on creating robots that can simply pass exams.

We live in a society that seems to be geared towards conformity.

A society in which we're encouraged to follow fashions rather than lead them.

A society in which being different is frowned upon by most people.

We're taught to follow the process...

Work hard at school...

Pass your exams...

Study some more...

Get a good job...

Fit in...

Don't disturb the status quo.

But doing that robs you of your identity.

It prevents you from becoming truly fulfilled.

So now you have a dilemma...

You've progressed well in your career...

You drive around in a nice car...

You live in a house that many people would give their right arm for...

You have a family that are all doing well at school...

But you're not really happy.

You're not fulfilled.

But you don't know why.

Because you should be happy.

After all, you've followed the rules...

You've achieved the things you set out to achieve...

Your life is pretty much perfect.

Or is it?

The thing is...

You were born to make a difference.

But that's not what you're doing.

You're not following your path...

You're following someone else's path.

Your individuality has been sucked out of you and you're now simply another faceless person in a crowd of other faceless people.

So how do you break free from your shackles?

How do you get out of the rat race and start to build a life of genuine purpose?

How do you even know what your purpose is?

How do you find your true calling in life?

Your true direction?

And, perhaps just as importantly, how do you do that without risking all the good things you already have?

You want evolution, not revolution.

You want more...

Not to start all over again.

You want to add to what you already have.

But what you add has to be about you.

It has to be authentic.

It has to be something that stirs your soul.

Something that keeps you awake at night...

Yet still gets you out of bed in the morning full of energy and excitement.

Something you can be proud of.

Something that creates a movement.

Something that does good.

Something that leaves this planet in a better state than when you arrived on it.

So how do you find your idea...

Your purpose?

Get quiet.

Stop searching.

If you search, you'll find something.

But it probably won't be your true purpose.

Sure, you'll pick up on things that you'd like to change...

Things you'd like to work on.

But, almost certainly, you won't find your true purpose because you'll be listening to all the noise around you...

All the thoughts that come into your head day and night.


Get quiet.

Take an early morning walk before most other people are out of bed...

Before the traffic starts to build.

Better still, take a walk in the countryside.

Get near to nature.

Clear you mind.

No preconceived ideas...

Don't worry about what others will think...

Don't do something because it will look good to others.

Do it because it needs doing.

Get quiet.

Listen to your inner thoughts.

Trust your gut.

Go with your intuition.

Don't rush.

This could take weeks, maybe even months.

That's not a problem.

Find what's right for you.

Not for anyone else.

Then start.

Do some research.

Read some books.

Watch some videos.

Learn new skills.


Trust your innate thoughts.

Work on yourself.

Always, work on yourself.

Get quiet.


Find your inner self.

See you on the other side, my friend!

Keith Jones

Keith Jones

Living a Life of Purpose