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Divorce affects the whole family
Divorce affects the whole family

Friday 11th March 2005 is a day that will be forever etched in my mind.

It was a day that I’d anticipated eagerly for some time.

It was supposed to be a new start for me.

Instead, my problems just seemed to escalate and it was several years before I managed to get my life back on track and moving forward positively.

Friday 11th March 2005 was the day my divorce papers came through… the day of my Decree Nisi.

The divorce papers coming through is not the end...
The divorce papers coming through is not the end…

My marriage of 19 years ended acrimoniously. I take equal responsibility for the relationship with my ex-wife deteriorating over the years of our marriage, but it was my actions and my decision that brought our marriage to an end. She hated me because of that. She felt betrayed and deserted and that lead to many issues with my two young daughters.

I fell into many of the traps that dads fall into when going through this process of separation and divorce, but I’ve come through the process much wiser and stronger… and I’m now in a wonderful relationship, have an amazing son, and my relationships with my daughters are now pretty much where I want them to be.

I’m one of the lucky ones. Many fathers end up with their life in ruins. Their relationships with their kids collapse, causing massive issues for all concerned, and they spend the rest of their life with feelings of guilt, because they take the blame for just about everything. They’re unable to move on and create a life for themselves again.

You'll feel like the whole world is against you...
You’ll feel like the whole world is against you…

My research and work with dads going through separation or divorce has enabled me to come up with solutions that help build relationships between the warring parents to enable them to come to better solutions for everyone. Meaning both parents can have quality relationships with their kids and everyone can get on with their lives positively and happily.

This is a win-win solution and one that has to be aimed for if success is to be achieved.

If you’re a dad, going through separation or divorce, and especially if you’re struggling with relationships with your kids and your ex, schedule a FREE 10-minute call by clicking on the “Schedule a Call” button below and I’ll let you know how I can help.

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I look forward to helping you build a better life for you and your kids,

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