21 Days of Transformation: Day 7 – The Power Within

February 17, 2021

Power is innate within all of us.

The power to love.

The power to hate.

The power to be loved.

The power to reject love.

The power to excel.

The power to hide.

All just one new thought away.

These powers, and many more, lie deep within all of us.

Ready to be released as and when we want.

Ready to be released as and when I want!

The choice is mine.

Which powers will I release today?

Is there forgiveness in my heart?

Or revenge?

Is this a day for reconciliation?

Or a day to stir up trouble?

Where will my thoughts take me?


Where will I take my thoughts?

The thoughts are mine to decide!

The power is mine.

The power is in my thoughts.

But I’m tired today…

I didn’t sleep well…

Things are crazy at home…

Yesterday was tough, so today will be the same…

Lockdown restricts everything I want to do…

Just thoughts.

Powerful thoughts…

But not thoughts I want to have…

Not thoughts that will create a day of love, caring or achievement.

So I accept my thoughts…

I accept their existence…

I let them drift away on the breeze within my mind…

I let them go.

And make room for more thoughts.

Better thoughts?


Just different thoughts.

I decide.

They’re my thoughts…


I have the power to control how I deal with them…

Or not.

My thoughts…

My choice.

No need to judge…

Just let them go…

Or let them be.

The choice is mine.

The power to decide is mine.

But where does that power come from?

Why is it that sometimes I can access this innate power at will?

And yet other days I struggle to find it, though I search, and search, and search?

The power is there…

It’s always there.

Time to pray.

Time to ask for guidance.

Thank you, Jesus.

The power is in me!

The power is innate!

But it isn’t mine.

It’s a gift.

Filled with love and compassion.

From a power far greater.


My thoughts have found that place of power.

Bring on my day!

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