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Life-Excel Life Improvement Coaching

Hello, I’m Keith Jones.

I work with people who want to transform their life or build on the successes they’ve already achieved.
I help people gain clarity in their life, so they can enjoy the fruits of their success right now!
No more working ridiculous hours…
No more sucking up to your boss..
No more sacrificing your evenings and weekends…
No more missing out on your kids…
No more fatigue… stress… anxiety… pressure…
I help people create a life they can enjoy right now… to enjoy the journey, if you like, but still create abundance above and beyond their current expectations or dreams.
Have you ever heard yourself saying or thinking things like…
  • “One day, I’ll get things sorted and my life will be better”
  • “I’ll get sorted at work… my paperwork won’t take long to put right…”
  • “This time next year, I’ll be fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been before…”
  • “It won’t be long before I’m out of debt…”
  • “I’ll never let this happen again…”
  • “You can’t have success without stress and long hours…”
  • “When I get my next promotion, I’ll have the money to travel the world…”
Businessman sitting on concrete steps with head in hands
I could keep going for page after page, but I’m sure you get the drift!
The problem is, if you don’t do anything about these things… if you don’t take action, you’ll continue to be miserable and your life will continue to be a succession of “what ifs”.
Think about it…
If you don’t do something today about your health…
Your finances…
Your job…
Your _______ (fill in the missing space), how will your life ever be different?
How will you ever get out of this current state that you're in and really start to live?
You've probably come across this widely used definition of insanity… 
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.
Is that you?
Are you doing the same things over and over again...
That one day everything will turn out right?
It was certainly me for many years of my life. And, that’s what many, many people do… 
The same things…
Over and over again…
Expecting different results.
Expecting success, when it hasn’t happened before.
So, is that insanity?
No, I don't think so.
I believe it's just a case of being misguided.
And, in that case, by getting back on track, by changing direction...
Success, and happiness can be achieved.
Insights have to come first!
Now, if all of this seems too simple to accept…
Just stay with me for a little bit longer, and I’ll explain exactly how I now coach my clients, with unparalleled success, and exactly how this can apply to you.
It’s important to realise that to change any single aspect of your life, you first need to understand the decisions that have led you to your current position.
Furthermore, since all aspects of your life are intertwined, changing one part of your life will also have an impact on every other part of your life.
That being the case, when you look to change your life, it’s imperative that you look at your whole life… not just a single aspect of your life.
The problem is, most coaches specialize in a specific niche… such as health, relationships, career, and so on.
So, in a sense, using a “specialist” coach, is like trying to fill a leaking bucket.
No matter how hard you try and no matter what you try, you will only ever achieve very limited success.
The water is always going to leak out…
Unless, of course, you fix the bucket first!
So, if we look at the typical coaching model, used by the vast majority of coaches (and used by me for many years… with very limited success); it looks something like this…
  • Look at one area of your client’s life
  • Find out what they say they want to achieve
  • Find out where they are now
  • Help them set goals to get from where they are now to where they say they want to be
  • Set up some way of measuring their success
  • Hold them accountable for achieving their targets
Of course, each coach will have their own personality and their way of interacting with their clients and most will specialise… in things like health, wealth, happiness, career etc.
The thing is, most coaches don’t actually coach at all!
They mentor, and they advise.
And that means they’re not impartial. They’re guiding you down a path based on their experiences and their knowledge.
Which, quite simply, won’t ever get the best out of you.
Sure, you may achieve some success…
But you’ll never… ever… achieve complete happiness or be as successful as you should be.
So… that’s not the way I coach.
insights light-bulb moment
I go against the grain and do the exact opposite of what most other coaches are doing!
I don't specialise in a specific aspect of your life.
Most people would say I'm a non-specialist, but in truth, I specialise in your whole life!
My methods don’t depend on experience of a given career path or a specific aspect of life.
My coaching is about helping you have valuable insights into your life…
Insights about the decisions you’ve made… and continue to make.
Insights about your successes… and your failures.
Insights about why some of your relationships have worked… and why some… well, let’s face it… have been a complete disaster!
Insights that you have about yourself… not guidance or mentoring from me, as your coach.
My job is to enable you to have insights.
My job is to enable you to grow and move forward positively, towards success, happiness and contentment.
My job isn’t to lead… or to guide… but to enable.
My job is to inspire you and help you create the space in your life for massive success to happen.
The problem is, as I said earlier, the vast majority of coaches don’t work that way.
They’ll give you what you want without digging deeper.
So, chances are, you’ll end up achieving the goals you’ve set, but not achieving the much bigger goals you could have set.
Which means you’ll only be satisfied for a short time… then you’ll need to start all over again with new goals…
It’s my belief, that creating a magical life, full of happiness, abundance and security is ultimately what we all search for and is only achievable when you work on yourself as a whole.
That’s my philosophy on coaching, if you like.
But what I really love about this way of coaching, is just how simple it is for you to start getting results.
Now, don’t get me wrong.
Achieving lasting results… creating the sort of life you probably can’t even imagine right now, takes time, energy and commitment… from both of us.
But, by setting a few things up in your life right now, over the next few days and weeks, you can start to see results pretty much straight away.
As you build on your successes, you’ll start to see massive change happen much sooner than you ever thought possible.
And the funny thing is, once you start on this journey, you’ll start to realise just how easy it is to keep moving forward and you’ll never, ever, want to turn back.
What makes this method of coaching unlike anything else out there is just how well it works and how massively it changes lives.
No other coaching comes close to achieving the results that “Whole Life Coaching” produces.
Don't think outside the box, think like there's no box
Let's think ahead for a while…
Just picture yourself looking in the mirror and seeing the new you… full of confidence, abundance, self-esteem… knowing that you have created the exact lifestyle you want…
Think how good you will feel when you’re finally able to say to people that you’re totally happy with your life and where you’re going...
How much will it mean to you if you can buy just about anything you want… without even having to look at the price?
What will you do with all the free time you create for yourself?
Where will you travel?
Picture the look on your partner’s/spouse’s face when you tell them they can give up their job, if they want.
Start to dream…
What else would you add here, if money and time were no object?
I’m sure you can now see just how life-changing this can be for you when you finally get started on your journey…
This method of coaching is being used by the world’s top coaches to help many of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business people grow… and keep growing.
And I, personally, have helped many people to grow well beyond their own beliefs and expectations, and create the lifestyles they dreamt of when they started out on their original journeys.
Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You Can Expect To Achieve With Me As Your Coach:
  • Your vision of yourself and what you can achieve in your life will increase massively.
  • You will develop an image of yourself above and beyond the images of the people you most admire in life.
  • Your self-esteem will be raised to levels beyond anything you can currently envisage.
  • You’ll discover how to harness the power of your thoughts and your words to bring about success in all areas of your life.
  • You’ll heal your emotional wounds, let go of past mistakes and perceived injustices and move on from anything and everything that has held you back in the past.
  • You’ll learn to find and build strength from adversity and understand that “failure” is a necessary stepping stone to success.
  • You’ll build a life packed with purpose and understand that true happiness can only be achieved when you learn to give and not just take all the time.
  • You’ll understand that happiness is a choice… but can only be achieved by making the right decisions.
  • You’ll grow into a person of excellence and integrity, and you’ll be trusted and respected by friends, family and work colleagues.
  • You’ll live life with enthusiasm and energy.
  • You’ll achieve fitness levels above and beyond anything you can currently envisage.
  • You’ll understand how other people think and work and your relationships will blossom with everyone in your life.
  • And this is just the beginning…
Life Excel Lent day 1
The thing is…
What we think we want out of life and what we aim for, aren’t always the things we need to make us happy.
By coaching differently…
By helping you dig deeper…
By helping you have insights…
I’ll help you find real happiness, abundance and success in your life.
And the best part is…
No motivation is needed!
Because the insights you’ll have, will lead to you becoming self-motivated, and knowing exactly what you want to achieve in life.
Insights have to come first, otherwise the wrong path is taken.
Insights take time to develop.
They can’t be rushed.
That’s why I’ll only work with you, if you’re prepared to go the distance.
It’s often an emotional journey…
It’s always a long journey…
But definitely one worth taking.
The outcomes are worth waiting for.
They can’t be rushed…
They have to grow…
They have to be nurtured.
So, where are you with your life right now?
  • Do you feel like you’re “banging your head against a brick wall?”
  • Do you feel like your life’s going nowhere?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?
  • Are you struggling with your relationships?
  • Or maybe, you feel like you have everything you need, but still, you’re not happy or content?
All of those feelings lead to the same conclusion.
You’re off course.
You’re on the wrong path.
If you’d like to find out how to get your life back on track…
Or even on the right path for the first time…
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But, I’m confident you will!
If you want to change your life…
If you want to try a different approach…
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What do you have to lose?
I look forward to helping you craft a life of happiness, abundance and success.
Think about it…
If you do nothing…
Nothing will change.
If you set up a call…
Your life could change for ever.
If you get on the call, and you feel it’s not for you… no problem.
But if you get on the call, and your insights start to flow…
Well, then you’re on your way to creating the lifestyle you really want…
And deserve!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking decisive action...
It's your choice...
Your life...
Go for it!
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