Lent 2020 Day 18

Life Excel Lent 2020 Day 18

Coronavirus is an opportunity for the whole of mankind to come together for the good of mankind.

Panic buying...

Lack of care for others...

Selfish opportunism (I saw 4 toilet rolls advertised for over £40 on eBay the other day!)...

By a significant minority...

Perhaps shows that mankind isn't yet ready for such a test.

Instead of stockpiling toilet rolls, pasta, soap, etc...

Think about who can't get out to the shops and add a few extra items to your shopping basket for them.

Look for opportunities to help and support the people most vulnerable at this time.

Think about others not just yourself.

Think about the whole of mankind...

Not just yourself.

Whilst it may be possible to survive in your own selfish world for a short time...

You need the whole of mankind to support you and help you in the long term.

We all do.

Together, we can get through this.

Together, we will get through this.

Together, is the best way through this.

Keith Jones

Keith Jones

Living a Life of Purpose

My thanks to Simon Sinek for today's image.