Creating the Impossible

When I accept people onto my Life Excel Coaching Programme, they end up exceeding their own expectations way beyond anything they have previously thought possible.

Dream the Impossible Dream...

Life for them is never the same again.

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So, stop and think for a while...

Life Excel - What's your impossible dream?

What's Your Impossible Dream?

What’s the most amazing, outrageous, unbelievably exciting and outlandish thing you can imagine doing over the next 12 months?

Is it starting your own business?

Or expanding your current business into uncharted waters?

Maybe you have a yearning to write a bestseller… or sell a screenplay for a life-changing price.

Or perhaps you have hidden artistic talents and want to exhibit your art in a major gallery.

And what about all of those New Year’s resolutions that you’ve never got round to even starting…

Learning a foreign language…

Completing a Fun Run… even running a marathon…

Finally getting down to your ideal weight, so you don’t have to squeeze into your favourite clothes.

Or what about really pushing the boat out.

How about becoming a world-renowned expert in your arena?

Or meeting and marrying the partner of your dreams.

To 10x or 100x your income in the next 12 months!

Life Excel - No Limits!

Or maybe you have ambitions way above anything mentioned so far…

Maybe you have a mission that will have a massive impact on the world… something way beyond what just about anyone else would ever consider embarking on!

If these ideas appear to be way beyond your wildest dreams…

If they’re bordering on the impossible for you…

Then great!

That’s exactly where I’d like you to be!

If you want to excel at this game called life…

If you want to achieve incredible success…

You have to aim as high as your thoughts will take you… and then a little bit further.

You have to understand that permanent, long-lasting success, starts from within…

It starts with you understanding your inner thoughts…

When I accept people onto my Life Excel Coaching Programme, they end up exceeding their own expectations way beyond anything they have previously thought possible.

Life, for them, is never the same again.

Take control of Your Life

So, why me?

How am I different to other coaches?

Well, the vast majority of coaches use the same approach when coaching clients.


  • Find out what you want to achieve
  • Find out where you are now
  • Help you set goals to get from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Set up some way of measuring your success… or otherwise!
  • Hold you accountable for achieving your targets

Of course, each coach will have their own way of interacting with you and most will specialise… in things like health, wealth, happiness, career etc.

This was the way I was trained to coach and the way I coached for several years.

The thing is, most coaches don’t coach at all!

They mentor.

And that means they’re not impartial.

They’ll guide you down a path based on their experiences and their knowledge.

Which, quite simply, won’t ever get the best out of you.

Sure, you may achieve some success…

But you’ll never… ever… achieve complete happiness or be as successful as you should be.

Red arrows on plane off course

So… that’s not the way I’ll coach you.

My methods don’t depend on experience of a given career path or a specific aspect of life.

My coaching is about helping you have valuable insights into your life…

Insights about the decisions you’ve made… and continue to make.

Insights about your successes… and your failures.

Insights about why some relationships have worked… and why some… well, let’s face it… have been a complete disaster!

Insights that you have about you… not guidance or mentoring from me, as a mentor.

My job is to enable you to have insights.

My job is to enable you to grow and move forward positively, towards happiness and contentment.

My job isn’t to lead… or to guide… but to enable.

The problem is, the vast majority of coaches don’t work that way.

They’ll give you what you want without digging deeper. So, chances are, you’ll end up achieving the goals you’ve set, but not being happy.

As an example I had a prospective client, let’s call him John, ask me to help him gain his next promotion at work.

Instead of accepting that this was what he wanted, I asked John a simple question… “John, tell me, why do you want this promotion?”

“Well, to have more money and to eventually become a partner in the company.”

“OK, that sounds reasonable”, I replied, “And why do you want more money?”

“I’d like to travel more with my family… to spend more quality time with them…”

“I can see where you’re heading with this, John. So… how will getting your next promotion, and becoming partner, impact on the time you can spend with your family?”

There was a long silence.

John had an insight...

This, of course, was just the beginning and the conversation was more detailed than I’ve outlined above.

Life Excel - It always seems impossible until it's done!

But the point I’m trying to make here, is that, based on our conversations, John had insights about the quality of his home life… about the time he was spending with his family… about his career path.

Our discussions lead to John completely changing the focus of his life.

Our discussions, over a period of several months, helped John to choose a direction for his life that lead to sustained happiness and success… something that almost certainly wouldn’t have happened had I simply helped John get his next promotion.

The thing is… what we think we want out of life and what we aim for, aren’t always the things we need to make us happy.

By coaching differently…

By helping you dig deeper…

By helping you to have insights…

I’ll help you find real happiness, abundance and success in your life.

And the best part is…

No motivation is needed!

Head with radiating arrows depicting insights

Because the insights you’ll have during our sessions together, will lead to you becoming self-motivated, and knowing exactly what you want and exactly how to achieve it!

Insights have to come first, otherwise the wrong path is taken.

Insights take time to develop.

They can’t be rushed.

That’s why I’ll only work with you, if you’re prepared to go the distance.

It’s often an emotional journey…

But definitely one worth taking!

The outcomes are worth waiting for.

This can’t be rushed.

So, where are you with your life right now?

Do you feel like you’re “banging your head against a brick wall?”

Do you feel like your life’s going nowhere?

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Are you struggling with your relationships?

Or maybe, you feel like you have everything you need, but still, you’re not happy or content?

All of those feelings lead to the same conclusion.

You’re off course.

You’re on the wrong path.

If you’d like to find out how to get your life back on track…

Or even on the right track for the first time…

Click the Schedule a Call button below to set up a FREE 45-minute discovery call, and we can start looking for some insights.

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I look forward to helping you craft a life of happiness, abundance and success... a life of real purpose.

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